Epiphanies from Walking Idea Labs


sasha-sabbeth-cd“I found this strategically guided “Walk with Bliss” quite an innovative and profound process. . . the change of landscape during the walk, and having Allison engage me in the marketing inquiries became a Gestalt experience.

As a marketing consultant, Allison truly shines in her ability to track the deeper message and themes – able to identify core benefits of my work in ways that I would not have seen. The value is that I now have a better understanding about my brand and my unique services.”Sasha Sabbeth, Entrepreneur’s Intuition and Purpose Mentor

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“I’ve been an entrepreneur for a few years now but was not happy with the level I was at in my business. I had decided to ‘retool’ some of my products and programs in order to bring in more revenue, but I also had a lot of concerns and confusion on how to proceed. And I didn’t have a lot of time and money to experiment.

During our walk, Allison provided better ideas on what I could offer to boost sales. And I got a lot more clarity for how I should proceed that’s going to save me a lot of time!

I’ve already started to implement the strategies she gave me. I highly recommend this service with Allison. I think the value is WAY more than the investment!” – Cheryl Liquori, Content Marketing Strategist, Founder: Business Blogger Network

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bornstein logo“Allison Bliss knows her stuff. . .By the time you’re done with a brisk, one-hour meeting with Allison, you’ve got your key statements, your goals, and the next steps to take in your 5-year plan. Who else gives you that much in one short meeting? . . .Need to sharpen your ideas of what you want to do and how to do it? Talk to Allison. Knowledge is bliss, and Allison Bliss has the knowledge you need.” – Renee Bornstein, Astrology Oneness with Ki

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