icon walking makes you smarter“Walks With Bliss” now offers 2 totally different types of walks:



Where business savvy meets creative ideas: Business walks designed to turn your ideas into reality. Walking isn’t just for health or inspired ideas. You’ll receive a breadth of experienced business wisdom to bring clarity, specific action plans or resources to turn ideas into answers with profits. 



Facilitated Group Walks: for Leadership or Business Teams

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Individual Consulting Walks: for CEO’s or Business Owners 

gfx on web for wellnesss walks2) “WELLNESS WALKS” 

These walks are designed for Improved Job Performance, Reduced Stress, Life Balance, Full Spirit Expression & Emotional Health (with  tools for employees or leaders with ADD/ADHD)


icon indiv. walks 200 px1) INDIVIDUAL BUSINESS CONSULTING

               “IDEA LAB WALKS

Epiphanies Amplified!

These 1 Hour “Walks With Bliss” Idea labs turn your expansive vision into actual answers. If you’re just one idea short of an epiphany, these business walks will clarify how to transform your ideas into profits.

Learned what  to do right now to increase my passive income by $100,000!” – Shannon Solutions 

It’s simple: You’ll get further faster with a business & marketing expert guiding you in a relaxed business consultation while walking through nature – for Groups or for Individuals.  



Gain Clarity –  CEO’s, Leaders or Business Owners gain perspective, guidance or a bridge into making the right choices.


Gain Decades of Wisdom –  Most people do what they know how to do. If that’s not working, you need more powerfully strategic answers from someone with decades of experience – one who knows what works at different stages of a business’ growth. We know it’s confusing for businesses with so many choices: social media, updated websites, apps, publicity, videos, and more. We’ll give you the answer in this 1- hour walk:

  • Amplify your great ideas by turning them into actionable decisions!
  • Clarify your deeper branding messages
  • Discover time savings (often several years!) and profitability with breakthrough ideas
  • Gain answers you haven’t found elsewhere from an advisor who has built many successful businesses
  • Enjoy Individual attention under the blue sky, not some claustrophobic telesummit or group class


Save Time & Money: The Ultimate Benefit

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Guaranteed answers to your top quest in this business-oriented walk. We bring the tools, a vast database of resources, and hands-on experience so you’ll know what works and what does not before spending your time or money on actions that don’t bring the results you need. 

“Worth the cost, yes! . . . Within 5 minutes, got to the root of my business issue to solve it. . . differentiate the company, execute a new marketing campaign.” – Winning Strategies  Link (rest of comments)


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Purchase an Individual  Walk $300



initial blastt logo“Our Walk with Bliss was worth triple the cost we paid .This advisory walk has been invaluable in reworking our business plan, seeing what challenges lie ahead, and what we need to do to address those challenges. . .(see complete comments)


Business Walks With Bliss: In the Media

Walks With Bliss – On The Radio

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Business Award Nominee for InnovationThe Walks with Bliss (Idea Lab walk created by Allison Bliss Consulting) was nominated for the unique approach and method to elicit business breakthroughs.

This brain research reported in the LA Times and National Institutes of Health explains why these walking consultations work so powerfully.


Proven Results & Epiphanies

We’ve guided many people and diverse types of businesses into results.Read their full comments for yourself!

WOMAN SILHOUETTE 2 thumbnail 100px. . . “Valuable, relevant, and surprising insights emerged. I was able to implement an entirely fresh approach to promoting my business the very next day!”– Laurie C., President, CEO Marketing & Branding Company (rest of comments)



What resulted for Coach, Adriana Diaz? Her experience after her Walk With Bliss:



Want your entire team to benefit? 

group-walksFacilitated Group Walks: for Leadership or Business Teams

Take your entire Team out for this “idea lab/concensus building walk.



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